Each year, on behalf of the CMF Executive, the CMF Chairman produces an annual report of our activities and sends it to the Conservative Party Chairman.

Starting with the 2015 Annual Report, we have decided to publish the Annual Report here so that all of our members, supporters and other interested readers can see it.

02 APR 2016

Annual Report 2015

The Annual Report 2015 is an 11 page PDF document which can be downloaded from this link.

For convenience, the text has also been reproduced below. If you want to print it or download it to a mobile device for later reading, the PDF version is recommended. 

Introduction from our President

I founded the Conservative Muslim Forum and was its Chairman until 2014. I am now pleased to serve as the President of the Forum.

The current Chairman is Mr Mohammed Amin who is actively supported by members of the Executive Committee. The Forum under his leadership is in extremely good health and has undertaken multifarious activities which are listed in this report.

During the last year the Forum played its part in campaigning for candidates in the General Election in different parts of the country. We were of course very pleased that we have managed to secure an overall majority in Parliament. We however need to be robust and pursue our policies for the advancement and wellbeing of our country. The Conservative Muslim Forum will play its part to enable the Party to do so.

Lord Sheikh
Baron Sheikh of Cornhill in the City of London
Conservative Muslim Forum President

The Conservative Muslim Forum’s Objectives

The Conservative Muslim Forum (CMF) has nine objectives which are set out in the CMF Constitution and on the CMF website at http://www.conservativemuslimforum.com/about-us/objectives.

At its core, the CMF’s focus is on strengthening the connection between the Party and Britain’s Muslims by encouraging British Muslims to vote Conservative, to join the Conservative Party, and to consider becoming Conservative candidates.

This report summarises our activities in 2015 in support of these objectives.

The general election

The highlight of 2015 for all Conservatives must be the general election on 7 May, which returned a majority Conservative government for the first time since 1992.

Members of the CMF played their part by campaigning for candidates around the country. It is obviously not feasible to list all the candidates for whom CMF members campaigned. However, we have listed below those cases where the CMF national newsletter contained details of campaigning events to encourage participation:

  • Harrow West – Hannah David
  • Enfield North – Nick de Bois
  • Hampstead and Kilburn – Simon Marcus
  • Brentford & Isleworth – Mary Macleod
  • Hendon – Matthew Offord
  • Watford – Richard Harrington

We also put in special efforts to boost registration of Conservatives resident overseas to vote by spreading the messages of Conservatives Abroad.

CMF Executive member and Chairman of CMF Youth Raza Anjum was mentioned in the Times and Guardian newspapers for founding and directing the "Conservative Connect" diversity battle bus. He led a team of up to 100 volunteers who campaigned alongside Conservative Parliamentary Candidates in 8 constituencies in London.

CMF Executive members in electoral politics

During the year, another CMF Executive member was elected as a Conservative Councillor.

Hashim Bhatti was elected in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead to represent the ward of Clewer North on 8th May 2015. This seat was won back after 20 years in opposition hands.

Councillor Jeanne-Marie Douglas was elected as the Mayor of Melton Mowbray on 21 May 2015 to serve for one year.

Jeanne-Marie is one of the most regular attenders at CMF events in London, despite living some distance away in Melton Mowbray.

CMF Events

We ran a large number of events during the year. They are listed below in chronological order. Full details of all of these events are available on the CMF website in the “Past events” section. The events are also hyperlinked below.



13 February

“Political Engagement - Be a Local Councillor” at Muslim Community & Education Centre, Palmer’s Green. The speakers were Syed Kamall MEP, David Burrowes MP.

19 March

“Women: Empowerment and Political Representation.” The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP was taken ill on the day, and Andrea Leadsom MP stepped in to speak.

23 March

"CMF Youth event - The importance of ethnic-minority participation in politics” with Simon Woolley, Director of Operation Black Vote."

5 June

An evening with Syed Kamall MEP” Over 75 people came for dinner with Syed Kamall MEP at a restaurant in the East End of London, and learned about his inspiring personal journey and his role in the European Parliament.

4-7 October

We had our regular stand at the Conservative Party Conference to spread our message and to sign up new members.

12 October

A 40-person CMF delegation visited the European Parliament and the European Commission at the invitation of Syed Kamall MEP.

20 October

“Eid al Adha” reception with the speakers being Lord Sheikh, Alberto Costa MP,
Baroness Berridge, Rabbi James Baaden and Dr. Rami Ranger MBE.

This event was organised by Hashim Bhatti and was reported in the Asian Sunday newspaper on 31 October 2015 and on British Muslim TV.

12 November

“Be a Councillor” at Mushkil Aasaan’s community hall.

The speakers were Dan Watkins Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Tooting who also organised the event; Zac Goldsmith, candidate for Mayor of London; the Rt Hon Justine Greening MP; Abdul Latif Merton Councillor; Hasina Momtaz broadcaster and campaigner; and former Councillor and CMF Executive member and Chair of CMF Women Rabia Bhatti.

17 November

CMF event to mark National Interfaith Week 2015 “Building Interfaith Trust to strengthen community relations, Promoting peace and harmony amongst faith communities.”

The speakers were Revd. Dr James Walters; The Venerable G.B. Kassapa Maha Thero; Rebbetzin Vicki Belovski; Dr Tariq Abbasi MBE; Dr Sunil Kariyakarawana.

10 December

CMF Health event "Precision Medicine: An Achievable Goal?" with Professor Ian N Bruce MD FRCP, Professor of Rheumatology at The University of Manchester.

Mentions in Parliament

The CMF was mentioned several times in Parliament.

Speaking at events organised by others

Members of the Executive of the Conservative Muslim Forum also helped to organise or speak at events of other organisations. 

  • 14 March, CMF Chairman Mohammed Amin spoke at a fundraising event for Jason McCartney, MP for Colne Valley, which was organised by one of our northern members, Dr Ghulam Abbas.
  • 28 March, CMF Executive member Raza Anjum spoke at an all-party event held in Waltham Forest Town Hall to discuss "The importance of voting in the general elections".
  • 11 June, Mohammed Amin and CMF Executive Secretary spoke about political engagement to the Chadwell Heath Asian Women’s Network.
  • 6 October, Mohammed Amin spoke at a Conservative Party Conference fringe meeting organised by the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations on the challenges facing Muslim charities.
  • 16 October, Mohammed Amin took part in a panel discussion organised by the Islamic Education and Research Academy “The Big Question: Is Islam the Cause or Solution to Extremism?”
  • On 11 November Hashim Bhatti organised an awards event for Three Faiths Forum where Lord Sheikh was the keynote speaker. Both Hashim’s and Lord Sheikh's speeches mentioned the CMF.
  • On 17 November, under the umbrella of the Three Faiths Forum Parliamentors Programme Alumni, Hashim Bhatti was one of the organisers of London's first Interfaith Summit. Baroness Williams of Trafford was one of the speakers. The event was reported in Jewish News and the Huffington Post. In his remarks Hashim mentioned the work CMF does.

Media appearances

From time to time Mohammed Amin appears on TV and radio and in the press as Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum. Some of the occasions during 2015 are listed below.

  • 8 January, interviewed by French Radio London about Muslim political participation.
  • 16 January appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss the implications of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
  • 19 February recording of panel discussion on British Muslim TV about the regulation of madrassas.
  • 13 May on the Islam Channel to speak in support of the Government’s counter-extremism proposals.
  • 25 May interview in The Guardian about why growing numbers of ethnic minorities are voting Conservative.
  • 15 June on the Islam Channel to discuss the continuing significance of Magna Carta.
  • 28 June interviewed in Madrid newspaper ABC on British politics and Muslim political engagement.
  • 29 June on the Islam Channel to discuss the meaning of radicalisation.
  • 5 July 2015 quoted on the Daily Mirror website “Education trust set up in memory of 7/7 London bomb victim aims to beat terror” about the creation of a trust to commemorate Miriam Hyman.
  • 20 July on Sky News to discuss extremism in advance of David Cameron’s speech in Birmingham later that day.
  • 28 July on the Ummah Channel to discuss David Cameron’s speech in Birmingham on extremism.
  • 10 September recording of panel discussion on British Muslim TV about being a Muslim in the workplace.
  • 9 December recording of panel discussion on British Muslim TV about the morality of nuclear weapons.

Other members of the CMF Executive were also mentioned in the media:

  • 8 May 2015 at http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/may/08/lynton-crosby-wedge-politics-general-election-tories the Guardian website carried a story “Lynton Crosby: the man who really won the election for the Tories.” Embedded on that page is a 1 hour video of a Political Campaigning Masterclass conducted by Lynton Crosby. Hashim Bhatti is one of the participants in that video.
  • Chairman of CMF Youth Raza Anjum was selected out of 450 applicants to travel to Israel and the West Bank on a trip sponsored by the Conservative Friends of Israel and Conservative Future.  On 11 June 2015 the Jewish Chronicle described him as "one to watch for." Furthermore, on 15 June he wrote an article on Conservative Home calling for a strengthening of economic ties between Britain and Israel. He also assisted in the organisation of the CFI business lunch held on 7 December where he met with Lord Feldman.
  • Chairman of CMF Youth Raza Anjum visited Pakistan in December 2015 to continue his longstanding campaign for increased human rights protections for the country's Christian minority and to campaign for the reform of the controversial blasphemy laws. His human rights work has led him to receive violent threats by Islamic extremists which has been reported by the Telegraph newspaper.

Concluding comments

This was an exceptionally active year, both because of the general election and because of the number of events that the CMF organised.

This was only possible due to the hard work of the members of the Executive operating as a cohesive team along with our Executive Secretary Shaheen Thantrey. As the team captain I would like to give them my thanks.

Looking forward to 2016, we expect to be even more active. In particular, we are planning our events much further ahead; we even have a date for our Eid al Adha function on 25 October 2016!

Mohammed Amin
CMF Chairman

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