Members of the Conservative Muslim Forum often appear in the media. Sometimes they appear as as identified CMF members, and at other times they appear in different capacities.

Where they appear as identified CMF members, the goal is to support Conservative Party policy. If the material is available, we will publish details of such appearances on this website page.

28 JUL 2015

CMF Chairman on the Ummah Channel

On Tuesday 28 July 2015 CMF Chairman Mohammed Amin appeared on the Ummah Channel. They have a new format programme "Face the Facts" and the 49 minute programme was devoted to a discussion of David Cameron's 20 July 2015 speech in Birmingham about extremism.

The presenter was Adnan Khan whose main occupation is as a civil lawyer. The panellists were:

  1. Sharif Hafezi who was described as a speaker, writer and activist. While watching the video of this programme on YouTube, I saw that earlier this year he took part in another Ummah Channel programme (about the Charlie Hebdo attack) in which he was called Sharif Abu Laith.
  2. Mohammed Amin, appearing as Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum.

The 49 minute was transmitted live and is now on YouTube. It can be watched below.

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