Members of the Conservative Muslim Forum often appear in the media. Sometimes they appear as as identified CMF members, and at other times they appear in different capacities.

Where they appear as identified CMF members, the goal is to support Conservative Party policy. If the material is available, we will publish details of such appearances on this website page.

05 JUL 2015

CMF Chairman quoted on Daily Mirror website

Miriam Hyman was a tragic victim of the 7/7 2005 bombings in London. Since then her family have worked tirelessly for reconciliation and mutual understanding.

The Daily Mirror website reports at this link on their creation of an education trust which offers teachers resources for countering radicalisation in schools. Our Chairman Mohammed Amin has for many years been a donor towards the family's efforts and is mentioned in the story.

Supporters include Mohammed Amin, chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum and patron of Curriculum for Cohesion, who thinks schools are the best places to fight radicalisation.

He said: “I welcome Miriam’s family’s initiative and effort. The more schools can ­educate pupils to be critical thinkers, the less vulnerable they’ll be.”

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