We asked members of the Conservative Muslim Forum to write 1,200 words or fewer about why they are a Conservative. They are shared here, in particular because they may suggest points you can make to potential Conservative voters.

03 FEB 2016

Asad Khan

Asad Khan is a Healthcare Management Consultant. He tweets as @AsadRKhan I have a conservative mind and am drawn emotionally towards social justice. The reason I have aligned with the Conservative Party is due to my strong belief in the value of preserving the individual family unit. I believe this...

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11 JAN 2016

Basit Mahmood

Basit Mahmood is Chairman of Conservative Future Luton. He tweets as @BasitMahmood91 ‘You’re a Tory?!’ On occasion, people froth at the mouth when they hear you’re a conservative, but not only are they aghast at the idea of anyone being a conservative at all, but are ev...

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Basit you are doing a great job trying to establish this Forum. More of our community needs to be educated on how the party actually represents Muslim and you are the man for that job.
- Sadiqul

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