02 NOV 2017

CMF at the Turkish Embassy

The CMF seeks to establish good relations with the London embassies and high commissions of all Muslim majority countries. The reason is that all these countries have diaspora communities in the UK who are potential Conservative voters and potential CMF members. Also all of these countries are trading partners of the UK.

One important aspect of this is attending events at the embassy or high commission when invited.

On 2 November CMF Executive Member Lady Sheikh, and CMF Executive Secretary Shaheen Thantrey were at the Turkish Embassy. They were attending a celebration for the 94'th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. (Republic Day is 29 October.)

In the picture below from right to left:

  1. Shaheen Thantrey
  2. Turkish Ambassador Abdurrahman Bilgiç
  3. Lady Sheikh
  4. The Ambassador's wife Esra Bilgiç


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