CMF Health Event on Cardiology and Nutrition

The Conservative Muslim Forum organised an event on Heart Disease and Obesity at the House of Lords on 20 June 2012.  The event was co-chaired Lord Sheikh (chair of the CMF) Dr M Farrukh Hussain, consultant psychiatrist and chair of CMF Health.  Dr Shakeel Qureshi, a renowned Consultant Cardiologist at St Thomas’s Hospital and of Pakistani origin gave a presentation using PowerPoint on different types of heart diseases, their reasons, treatments and the latest advances and developments in his field of work.

The presentation covered the diagnosis of heart diseases and their treatments.  Dr Shakeel said that the incidence of heart diseases in people of South Asian origin is higher than in other communities in the UK.  He added that fatty foods and static life styles are responsible for that.  The presentation also covered the diagnosis of heart diseases in unborn babies and the latest techniques for their treatment in situ.  The session ended with an interesting, informative and knowledge enhancing Q & A session.

The nutritionist, Mr Phil Veasey, talked about the escalating challenge of obesity, especially among UK Asians and its causes and solutions.  He gave a description of his MEND programme (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do It!) and its application resulting in the achievement of good results in the Asian community amongst youth in East London.  He also gave an overall picture of the problem of obesity, with the help of a PowerPoint presentation, to drive home the points relevant to overweight individuals and how this leads to ill health and diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and stroke.  There were very useful and relevant questions from participants.  As a token of the CMF’s thanks, Lord Sheikh presented both speakers with mementos of their visit to House of Lords and their useful presentations.

In the picture, Lord Sheikh is seated in the centre, and on his left are Dr Hussain, Dr Qureshi and Mr Veasey.

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