Shakeel Ahmed – Chairman Wandsworth Tooting Conservative Association

Shakeel joined the Conservative Party in 2010. Since then he has done some great work campaigning, and served as Deputy Chair, Membership for Tooting Ward. He was selected as the Conservative Party’s Council candidate for Tooting Ward in the 2014 election. On selection Shakeel said:

“I am an aspiring candidate who has vowed to contest this election and bring about the desirable changes that are so much needed in society. I am one of you so I know the expectations of the common man. I understand the hardship of the people and will find a remedy through the proper channels. I want politicians to have a mandate and to be able to say, “The people have spoken!” I will stand for you and work as a team with you. I believe that your precious vote will affect the outcome of the election. I will strive to excel in this work so that you may prosper. It’s crucial we continue the revolutions in welfare and education to ensure that the state meets the aspirations of the people of Tooting – and their children. I look forward to working hard for the opportunity to represent the people of Tooting. Leading on community engagement, including Community Plan, and tackling youth offending. Engaging young people in the life of the community e.g. Youth Parliament and their responsibilities as part of the whole community.”

Shakeel was elected as Chairman of Wandsworth Tooting Conservatives in February 2016. He said:

“As chairman my vision is clear. For Tooting to work closely with the local council and policing team to build a strong and safer community. For Tooting Association to have a great team of officers and Councillors who are working hard with local communities, schools, religious groups, businesses and council to give better service and value for money which all Tooting resident deserve.”

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