Policy statement – teaching the Holy Quran in English

For the reasons explained on our page The CMF’s approach to policy positions the CMF only rarely makes policy statements. However the Executive has decided to make one on the teaching of the Holy Quran in English.

We recommend that UK mosques and madrassas teach the Holy Quran in English to ensure all worshippers and those wishing to learn about Islam understand it. Most people who attend mosque and madrassas do not understand modern Arabic, let alone classical Quranic Arabic. Accordingly, it is beneficial to teach them the Holy Quran in English.

The CMF believes teaching Muslims to understand the Holy Quran, particularly from a young age, should mean they are less likely to be led astray in later life. Learning thoroughly what the Quran truly teaches should protect them against others peddling distorted versions of Islam.

Recommended Quran translations:

There are many translations of the Holy Quran in English. We recommend using the ones below:

“The Qur’an – a new translation” by MAS Abdel Haleem, published by Oxford University Press.

This is particularly recommended for those reading the Quran in English for the first time, as there are intentionally few footnotes.

“The Study Quran – A New Translation and Commentary” Edited by Prof Seyyed Hossein Nasr, published by HarperOne.

This is a joint effort of five academics, both Sunni and Shia. It contains extensive references to the major traditional Quran commentaries.

“The Meaning of the Holy Qur’an” by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

This also contains extensive references and is available from many publishers.

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