Eid al-Adha Reception

On Wednesday 25 October, the CMF held a reception to mark Eid al-Adha. Although the date of Eid itself was much earlier, the CMF always holds its celebration event in October to allow time for the party conferences season. The event was very well attended, with a large number of younger people attending.

Our speakers were:

  1. Master of Cermonies CMF Executive Member Hashim Bhatti
  2. Recitation of Quran 37:102-109 by Imam Ali Omar, Muslim Chaplain to the Military
  3. Welcome to the guests on by Narinder Singh Pooni, Senior Parliamentary Researcher to Alberto Costa MP on behalf of our Parliamentary Host Alberto Costa who was called into an urgent meeting at the last minute.
  4. Stephen Kerr, MP for Stirling.
  5. CMF Chairman Mohammed Amin
  6. Major Roger Metcalfe of the Royal Artillery
  7. CMF President Lord Sheikh
  8. Vote of thanks by Anwara Ali

The picture below shows some of the speakers. From left to right:

  1. Major Metcalfe
  2. Lord Sheikh
  3. Stephen Kerr
  4. Mohammed Amin
  5. Imam Ali Omar
  6. Anwara Ali

We also took a group photo of all of the CMF Executive members who were present at the end of the event. From left to right:

  1. Attic Rahman
  2. Anwara Ali (co-opted onto the Executive in November)
  3. Samir Thantrey
  4. Dr Alam Ara Khan
  5. Mohammed Amin
  6. CMF President Lord Sheikh
  7. Mike Mogul
  8. CMF Executive Secretary Shaheen Thantrey
  9. Tahara Amin
  10. Hashim Bhatti
  11. Lady Sheikh
  12. Kamru Ali

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