Author: Attic Rahman

We condemn the terrorist attack and offer our condolences to the families of the two victims who sadly lost their lives and offer our prayers for the wellbeing of those unfortunate persons who have been injured. 

We also pay tribute to the brave members of the public whose heroic actions and bravery have saved many others lives.

We commend the Police and other agencies for their prompt actions in dealing with a very difficult situation.

It is written in the Holy Quran.

“Whoever kills a person it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.”

We would like to state that what Usman Khan has perpetrated is totally against Islamic beliefs and values.

It is imperative that all the communities stand together to condemn what happened and we should join hands to combat acts of terrorism and radicalisation.

The Conservative Muslim Forum welcomes the Government’s proposals to strengthen our sentencing laws so that terrorists and other serious offenders serve a full prison term commensurate with the crime to keep our streets safe. We also call on the government to re-visit the role of the probation service and have an active system for rehabilitation of convicted offenders.

We would also ask the government to review its ‘PREVENT’ strategy in line with our President, Lord Sheikh’s proposals and speeches in the House of Lords.

We in the Conservative Muslim Forum are very keen to build peace and harmony within all the communities and will continue our  interfaith work.

The membership of the Conservative Muslim Forum is open to everyone in the country.

Thank you to everyone who attended last Thursday’s connect call evening. It was amazing to have so many members making calls, catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Join us every Thursday evening from 6:00pm and join hundreds of volunteers, who are already picking up the phone and calling to combat Corbyn.

Thursday evening is about getting as many callers as possible making calls across the UK on the same day! So, will you get involved?

Why is calling so useful? Not only are you directly engaging with voters about their local issues, but you are helping to build a relationship between them and the Party.

Join us, local activists, party members, MPs, family and friends, in making the calls that count!

Instagram @ConservativeCalling with the hashtag #Ring2Win

So are you free ? Then let’s #Ring2Win!

Kind regards,

Attic Rahman , Ash Zaman
Conservative Muslim Forum
020 7984 8248

Executive Member of the Conservative Muslim Forum, Dr Haq Nawaz joined friends to campaign for Paul Bristow, the Conservative Candidate for Peterborough.

Paul is the Son of a local NHS nurse and an army officer who was raised in Whittlesey and lives locally in the city centre.

Paul runs his own small business helping charities and patients campaign for greater access to life changing therapies and technologies within the NHS. He was previously Chairman of the Linford Christie Trust, where he helped young athletes get the support they need. Paul works with Brain Tumour Research and UK Sepsis Trust amongst other charities.

Paul supports the Prime Ministers deal on #Brexit whilst Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour M.P. has voted to block BREXIT – the Labour Party does not believe in Britain leaving the European Union. Their proposed Brexit deal would be a choice between Remain-minus and Remain which they would put to a second referendum causing more division and chaos.

That’s why we need Paul Bristow as someone who is going to stand up for Britain, and not seek to keep us in the E.U. against the peoples vote of 2016.

✅ Get Brexit Done.

✅  Unleash Britain’s Potential.

Find our more about Paul’s plans here

You can also join Pauls campaign by contacting Peterborough Conservatives at or call 01733 343 190.

03/11/2019: The CMF joined friends and colleagues in Woodford to support Iain Duncan Smith’s campaign for re-election.

Iain Duncan Smith’s pledges in #GeneralElection2019 are:

✅ Say no the #ULEZ charge

✅ Delivering a new #WhippsCross Hospital

✅ Support of our high streets with more #freeparking

✅ more police to crackdown on #crime

✅ protect our #environment by stopping high rise, high density developments

✅ fight #Labours plan to close our libraries

and to deliver #Brexit so that we can get on with delivering our priorities.

If you would like to join Iain’s campaign, please contact Afzal Akram (senior campaign manager) on 07799 417 418.

02/11/19: The Conservative Muslim Forum joined friends and colleagues to campaign for former Executive Member, Dr. Anwara Ali MBE who has been selected as the Conservatives candidate in the Harrow West Constituency.

Anwara is an NHS GP and at the forefront of delivering the excellent services we all expect from our NHS.

You can find out more about Anwara Ali by visiting her website

Under a majority Conservative Government there will be:

✔️ 50 million more appointments in GP surgeries every year.

✔️ 6,000 more GPs.

✔️ 6,000 more nurses, physiotherapists & pharmacists.


You can follow Dr Anwara Ali’s campaign @dranwaraali_mbe

If you would like to join her campaign, please contact her on 020 8866 9807 or

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